Wonderful words about Edward from others

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed for 15 years at HillRom. Ed was an excellent leader in our Art Department. He was a terrific graphic designer but also handled our photography, video shoots and web based initiatives. When I say this I don’t mean he simply farmed these activities out and managed them from a distance. He took it upon himself to learn these skills and to identify and acquire the appropriate equipment and software to support these activities directly. This allowed us to internalize much of this work resulting in fast turnaround and significant cost savings.

Ed is a dedicated, hard working, highly organized individual and is an outstanding team player. He gets the job done and adds to the culture of any organization. I will gladly hire him again when I have the opportunity.”

Jason Krieser
General Manager
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

”Ed is a gifted and creative designer, one of the best I have worked with; but even more important than his talent is his commitment to excellence in everything he does. I had the pleasure of working with Ed over a five year period. He was the lead on creating launch materials for our six new products which generated millions of dollars in new revenue. Ed’s work on developing the branding and messaging for these products were certainly a part of the success we enjoyed. I highly recommend Ed for his talent, work ethic and commitment to excellence!”

Howard Miller
Vice President / General Manager
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed for close to 10 years. He is one of the most creative designers I have worked with and has experience in many areas that were a crucial part of our downstream marketing programs. Some of the areas that I found Ed excels in are graphics, illustration, web design, photography and video (the latter two helped us produce much of our marketing collateral in-house which helped us to be nimble and reduce production costs).

Some of Ed’s work traits – he can manage multiple projects at once (and still produce high-quality work devoid of mistakes), he is diligent and detail oriented and he is an effective and timely troubleshooter (a great problem solver). He also has a calming influence on people around him with a “don’t worry – I have this” nature. In crunch times, it was priceless having him on the team to deliver in the way he did.

Basically, Ed is someone I would hire again without hesitation when seeking a graphic designer with a raft of skills, who can produce high quality results, in a timely manner. I (and many other) enjoyed having Ed on our team and look forward to seeing him bring those talents to someone else very soon.”

Mark Cole
Executive Director Sales & Marketing
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

”I have had the pleasure of working with Ed since 2011. Ed is very diligent and detail oriented. He has a high level of enthusiasm and always projects a positive attitude. He is one of the best graphic designers I have ever worked with. Ed produced the artwork and layout for many high quality and effective digital and print campaigns. In addition, his video and photo skills saved us a bunch of time on projects as we were able to have Ed shoot them internally.”

Mike Nordling
Executive Director, Marketing and Strategy
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

”At the time of writing this, I believe Ed is in the market for a new role — if you’re looking for someone in your graphics, web, creative and marketing team, then you better act fast. He’s a top bloke.

Always learning and ever positive, I found that Ed was a person that would willingly turn his hand to anything with enthusiasm and creativity. Also Ed’s detail orientation is amazing and I always knew that when given a task, big or small, it would be completed with diligence and detail. I would always recommend Ed.”

Peter Richardson
Executive Director, Marketing and Strategy
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ed for over 20 years and I can honestly say he is one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, and talented graphic designers in the industry.

We have worked on countless printed projects together such as postcards, posters, direct mail, and brochures. What really stands out to me is his work and attention to detail on larger perfect bound catalogs which required multiple versions, some with prices and some without.

Ed was not only capable of bringing beautiful designs to these catalogs but with his advanced technical skills the files always arrived in impeccable condition, crucial for keeping tight deadlines and budgets in check.

One thing that I have admired about Ed is that he is constantly working on improving his skills whether it’s with graphic design, web design, photography, videography, marketing or even personal growth. He is always looking to better himself and add more value to those around him.”

Chris McCann
Print Resource

“Ed and I worked together at what was initially AMATECH Corp and eventually became Allen Medical after the purchase of Allen Medical Systems. During my 14 years at the company Ed was the leader and driving force in our “Art” department. He designed our catalogue of products, he took the photo’s of each product, and created the brochures to advertise the products. Ed was one of the hardest workers and nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. He could be counted on to meet any deadline and always produced catalogs and flyers that looked like they were the combined effort of a well staffed “Creative” department. Ed would undoubtedly be an enormous asset to any organization looking for a dedicated employee with state of the art skills in the creation and/or production of world class deliverables. I would encourage those with a need in the area of this type of presentations, brochures, catalogs and the endless demand for documentation to aid the presentation and sales of a product to think long and hard about Ed. His skill and dedication are unsurpassed and a nicer hardworking dedicated employee will be harder to find.”

Bill McGowan
Director of Operations
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

“I had the fortune of managing and working with Ed directly while at Allen Medical. His “can-do” attitude, tireless willingness to help, and creative talents made working with him not only a pleasure, but also efficient and effect. He was the creative force behind the graphical design of all our marketing/sales materials, and always completed assignments on time. As an example of his willingness and capability to help, when Allen Medical’s web designer/developer left, he stepped-up to the challenges of digital marcom and overachieved my expectations.”

Marc Filerman
Director of Marketing and Strategy
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

“During my interview for the Director of Quality position at Allen Medical in 2002, I was shown the company’s catalog and some advertising. When I started the job, I was very surprised to learn that these highly professional documents were created on site at such a small company. I soon learned that Ed was the creative force behind this work doing everything from design, layout and photography to proofing, approval and distribution. Ed’s pride in his work was evident and was regularly supported by the quality of his products throughout my tenure.

Allen Medical grew swiftly during those years and the fast paced, multi-project environment was often stressful and high pressured. Ed always remained calm and professional even in the most demanding situations.

I always found Ed to be well organized and could count on him to do a thorough job regardless of the task. In a company where teamwork was required, Ed always served as a valuable team member who was an active participant and supported team consensus. I enthusiastically recommend Ed and believe he would be an asset to any employer who is looking for a talented, reliable and creative team player.”

Nancy Royalty
Director of QA/RA
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

“I was responsible for hiring Ed at Hill-Rom to help us build a Creative Marketing Department. We were expanding our product portfolio to include four distinct companies under one umbrella and we needed someone to create individual brands for each of these companies. In addition, we took all the marketing materials in house and Ed was tasked with learning how to create the actual images and then turn them into sales collateral. If that wasn’t enough, we needed to create a web presence from scratch to which Ed did all the back-end programming of the site.

Ed is extremely creative and has the ability to take a project from start to finish in a very short amount of time. He needs minimal direction and when I asked him for something, I usually got three excellent examples to chose from. Ed is unique in that he thrives on multi-taking with several projects at one time and can bring them all to fruition at or under the predetermined deadline. He functions well in both group settings and on his own in his studio.

I can honestly say without reservation that Ed would be a fantastic hire for any company looking for a Graphics Designer and so much more. I would hire Ed without hesitation. He possesses the skill set, interpersonal skills, and breadth of experience to walk in to any company in any industry and have an immediate and profound impact.”

Matt Cavanaugh
Director of Marketing
AMATECH – Hill-Rom

”I helped hire Ed when I was working at Allen Medical. He was my number one choice because his portfolio was amazing and his knowledge was remarkable. Ed and I worked together closely for several years, and I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. Ed is a very talented graphic artist. He is gifted both artistically and with his software know-how. He is a self-motivated learner. I was impressed quite a few times by the breadth of his knowledge about anything regarding design, software, the internet, programming, photography, and videography. He could learn anything he put his mind to, and he was a highly reliable knowledge resource. It didn’t hurt that he was always cheerful, adding great ideas and taking constructive criticism of his work in stride. He was patient with endless changes to catalogs, and he was quite successful working with big deadlines. I have to add that I learned a great deal from him. Ed is a natural teacher. I would be very happy to work with Ed again.”

Kathy Carlson
Marketing Manager
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

”Just when you think the work load is too much and it’s not going to get done — Ed pulls it out of the hat and delivers great quality work, on time. As far as I know, he’s never missed a deadline. He somehow finds a way to get things done and to constantly learn new skills. He is certainly a talented individual.”

Annie Dixon-Dunn
Director International
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company

”Having worked with Ed over the last two decades, I can whole heartily recommend him — his skill set is at the highest level. He has shown his versatility in handling multiple projects with demanding deadlines. Ed’s expertise in graphic/web design, photo/video production and illustration have been a great asset to me, aiding me in achieving my goals. He has been a one stop shop for all of our marketing paraphernalia. Ed delivers high quality work and is reliable to get it done within the time restraints of the project. He has been a great team player having to carry the load that quite honestly should have been someone else’s.”

Michael Boucher
Advanced Sustaining Engineer
Allen Medical Systems, A Hill-Rom Company