Learn more about me, myself and I.

The Introduction

Hello! Let me introduce myself (or the team) — Edward Gilman (Shedward). I am an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, web designer and videographer. Wow, that’s a lot of hats! I wasn’t always the artistic and creative type. Let’s jump back to 1991; the foundation of my creative career and future started when I was two years in college as a psychology major where I was preparing to conquer, change and heal the world with my unique approach to psychology and the mind. Out of nowhere on the 90 minute ride to my new college, my older brother stated that I was a very talented artist and should consider switching majors. He suggested graphic design in which I was not very familiar with. After careful considering, deliberation and meeting with various professors over a few months, I switched to Art & Graphic Design and the rest is artistic history.

The Story of Shedward

Shedward is the creative expression of Edward. If you are wondering what in the world Shedward (www.shedward.com) means or stands for, you will probably never guess. One day, many years ago, my sister Sharon and I were about to play Jeopardy on the computer as a team against another team. We needed one name for both of us. Confused as what to call ourselves as one team, I looked to my sister and said, “You’re Sharon and I am Edward, what should we call ourselves?” Without any hesitation, my sister said, “How about Shedward?” I said, “That’s perfect!” After the game, Sharon started calling me Shedward and others started joining in calling me the same and has stuck ever since.

Art, Creativity and Design, Oh My!

I’ve recently realized that I have to create. I can’t stop!I have to continually create ads, posters, graphics, illustrations, logos, manipulate, retouch and capture photos, posters, web pages, videos and other creative explorations and possibilities. After just a couple days of not creating, designing and exploring the creative world, I get serious creativity, creation & expressions withdrawals. Out of the blue, concepts, designs and ideas just pop in my head and I must take them on. For example, I might be in the shower and think “I wonder if I could put my head inside a penny and make it look real?” On another day, I might ponder, “What would it look like if I was hatching from an egg? Or, “I wonder if I could take a photo of my head in four different positions and make Mount Shedmore (Mount Rushmore with my heads within)? These endless ideas allows me to keep my hobby, love and passion for design alive each and every day.

Meet the Team: The Three Roles of Edward

Team Lead 1 - Me

Team Lead 1 - Me

Left Brain, VP of Operations

As the left hemisphere, my primary roles and responsibilities are to dive into the areas of accuracy, analytics, critical thinking, facts, language, logic, math/numbers, reasoning, sequence and strategies in a linear approach. Some of my hobbies and interests are problem-solving, processing information and reading.

Team Lead 2 - Myself

Team Lead 2 - Myself

Right Brain, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

I take on a completely different role from my other half, the left brain. As the right hemisphere, I am here to offer the arts, color, creativity, feelings/emotions, imagination, intuition and visualization. I will create something from nothing where I explore infinite possibilities. 

Team Lead 3 - I

Team Lead 3 - I

Whole Brain, Creative Executive Officer (CEO)

I take the concepts, ideas and information from the left brain and the right brain and put it all together in a cohesive, compelling and creative way that best suits your needs. You get the best of both worlds, or more clearly stated — the highest “helping hands” of both hemispheres.

Our Story

Working in various industries for over 25 years, we are able to perform and offer our gifts, skills and talents in many areas. We are multi-taskers who work well under pressure with tight deadlines simultanesously creating exceptional, innovative, and world-class design solutions.

Having this diverse set of skills set us apart from the rest — it’s a one-stop shop to simplify your creative and marketing needs.

  • Graphic Design 100% 100%
  • Web Design & Development 94% 94%
  • Photography & Photo Retouching 97% 97%
  • Video Capture & Editing 88% 88%
  • Illustration 82% 82%
  • Project Management 94% 94%
  • Customer and Client Satisfaction 100% 100%

Team Player

Enjoys working with others and supports teams in the best ways possible



Goes above and beyond to come up with work that completely satisfies all parties involved

Problem Solver

An out of the box thinker that quickly and easily finds solutions to move forward

Technical Support

Very skilled at working on computers, operating systems and troubleshooting


Savvy negotiator always looking to get the best deal in any industry, product or service

Forward Thinking

Flexible and adaptive to new trends and technologies today and tomorrow


Lifetime Learner

Continually developing and learning new skills & technologies to stay ahead of the curve


Very optimistic and positive seeing opportunities and the best in all life’s situations